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Terms and Condition

1. The person must be of 18 years old and an Indian resident.

2. The registration fees are non -refundable/non-transferable at any cost.

3. The registration fee is limited validity only (DEPENDS ON PACKAGE), After the validity date ends, you have to pay the full amount and make new registration again to continue the work with us.

4. The registration fees are applicable for maintaining the account (training ppt + data + other charges)

5. We don’t send any new ads Bn Government Holidays and Sundays.

6. We make payments only on Tuesday or Wednesday.

7. No payments are made during Govt. Holiday. You will receive the payment on the succeeding operating day.

8. If there is any Technical Problem, until we solve it you have to co-operate with us.

9. Referral commission will be 15% of registration fees (applicable after first payment only).

10. Only two souls are admitted to work form one membership ID.If we find more than 2 persons working with the same ID, then we will cancel that membership ID.

11. While submitting the bank details, it should be in the name of the member or name of members’ family members.

12. If you want to upgrade from lower to higher package, you can upgrade it within 3 payments. You can also pay the balance amount and upgrade it otherwise. Once you practice this, the previous ID will be cancelled and a new ID will be catered.

13. Say if you desire to advance to a higher package after 3 payments, you can do so by paying the total amount of enrollment fee. By doing this, your previous ID will get triggered automatically.

14. You cannot alter the package from higher to lower. I.e.(GOLD to platinum is possible, but platinum to GOLD is not possible).

15. You can't upgrade your package from silver to a higher package, if you want to upgrade, you have to pay the full amount of that package.

16.We don’t accept duplicate ad links in the Excel sheet (without placing an advert).

17. All the reports are taken only till 6 p.m. Along Saturday, for next week payment (Tuesday or Wednesday).

18. Do not edit any of the mails in the inbox in the given e-mail ID. All the confirmation mails must be read. If no confirmation mails, it will be very difficult to review the report.

19. Confirmation mail in the inbox and spam folder are very important to review the excel report. If no mails are received, you should mention it in the remarks column, otherwise we will deduct for that link also.

20. If the sent report is complete with required information details next ad info file will be sent within 24 hours after successful submission.

21. We are not responsible for not working or internal server problem of the website. There are no conditions like you must posting in all websites. We will not pay anything for not working or server problem websites.

22. If any issues in payment and ad information file should be informed to us in the same workweek.

23. Rs 5 to Rs.20/- will be deducted on every week in the entire payment (Bank NEFT Charges + other charges etc.)

24. Validity of one ad into a file is max. 4 weeks (1 month) time will be given in case if you are able to submit within 1 month, stop posting and should be informed to us/later you can continue with new ad into a file.

25. First twenty websites in the excel sheet are very important to us, so you must post the ads with top number. Without this, we don’t accept your report.

26. In case, there are any wrong contact and ad details are posted in the 1st 20 web links, half of the total will be deducted from the Total Payment. It is required to observe the contact numbers while ad posting in the top 20 web links (OLX/Quikr/Clickindia etc.).

27. If a person doesn’t submit the report for more than 2 months or not informed of stopping work temporarily by inquiry form, then his/her membership ID will get cancelled automatically. To resume the work, again have to progress to a new registration.

28. We will not be liable for your expenses such as computer/laptop charges, telephone charges, electricity charges, 3g or data charges and internet charges, you will have to compensate it on your own.

29. You have to make a new email id for this work and the user name should be your membership id No.

30. We don’t accept below 100 confirmation links excel sheets, You can take time and finish at least 100 websites and submit the report.

31. If any NET BANKING issues or technical issues from our side, payment will delay for a few days to solve the problem while you can collect the cash payment at the nearest office if in case urgent required.

32. Submit the project from the website only, not from any emails or any other form.

Note: My Passion Business sol. Has complete rights to alter the Terms & Conditions and Instructions of work without prior notice.

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