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It has been an honor for us to serve our customers and those who are connected to us. My Business Passion Solutions (MPBS) started out as a small startup but now, it has become truly a bigger organization only because of our members. It has been possible only because of the determination of our employees and members who have been working round the clock to provide the highest quality of work.

We started out by posting ads and promoting websites and business on various classified websites in India. With the help of our elaborate freelancers that are connected to us, we have been successful in creating a perfect innovative method for generating leads. Our innovative method has made us experts in posting ads of our customers as well as generate leads for various sectors such as computers, jobs, loans, investments, real estate, etc.

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With all due thanks to our customers who trusted us as well as the freelancers, we have been able to contribute a flexible and innovative method which has opened new opportunities for those wanting to work from home. It was not too long ago that we started providing work from home and part time jobs for students, homemakers and housewives, retired employees and whosoever is interested in joining us in making some extra bucks.

Within just 3 and a half year of determination and services, we have been able to attract from than hundreds of customers who have been seeking our help for promotional matters. Moreover, with a team of more than 5500+ members spread all over the corners of India, we ensure that all the work related to ad posting is genuinely done.

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MBPS decided to take major steps in assuring that customers and clients, get the ads posted and leads generated as they want and on the other hands, the employees and members get genuine work to do, we have established connections with other projects too. Apart from ad posting job that we have been providing for our freelancers, we have added another work from home projects such as Linkedin, form filling, data entry and a bunch of other projects.

Adding different projects on our websites has helped us achieve the very goal of getting a high number of members employed with a genuine work flow. We have been taking our work seriously ever since we began to upsurge. Since quality is a must over quantity, we have been addressing and providing easy online training and after training support for our members via email address, telephone, or other method. MBPS has just started to outgrow other rival companies with all due thanks to our consistent and high-quality service that has made hundreds of loyal customers who are under our contracts.

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Environment for Freelancers

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Since working online or working from home seems much of the desired alternative, it is also one of the scammer's ways to churn money. You never know how you end up paying for something that isn’t going to provide anything back. To ensure that our members work with any worries, we have been recently updating our systems to include verifying and genuine projects only. Moreover, we are growing and therefore, our network of freelancers has taken an incline since we have already crossed the mark of 5500+ members and counting. We assure our freelancers that they will always be paid.

Our typical work environment relies on a number of aspects. At home, you need a cool and silent place to start your work and you must concentrate on the work only. We have been providing a number of projects and work from home opportunities for our members after providing relevant training. We thrive to inculcate the knowledge and skill of the concerning project so that all our members work properly.

Our Members

help us grow

We started out as a small brand that posts ads on various free classified websites all across India. With the objective and intention to create history of our company as well as with the determination and confidence that was contributed by our freelancers, we have been growing exponentially.

Our work ethics are simple to follow and it has helped us achieve our objective of growing the business to private limited companies, startups, and even multinational companies who have approached us for quality services. We have been making developments in our services which have been favored by our customers as well.

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We currently offer promotion via ad posting, lead generation and inquiry generation for our partnered clients. It has been possible only because of our innovative method which paved the way in creating a business with hundreds of projects that helps freelancers earn while sitting at the comfort of their homes. It has helped the clients and customers in getting required leads and other services too.

Our business model mainly comprises of a major contribution of freelancers who do all the projects and deliver the services on time. Thus, members are an imperative part of our business, and therefore, we have been working off lately to provide more projects and concepts that will help both our customers as well as the freelancers in years to come.

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