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Hi visitor, we request you don't compare us with any SCAM website in online, We agree that Lot of scam companies are charged registration fee and cheating people in the Name of work from home part time job. But here we have an innovative concept of Online advertising and marketing, for this service, we are inviting people to work from home part time job online. Work from Home job offers is not our Main service, it is just one part of our service. Once you HAVE proven your computer basics and internet knowledge on this copy paste work, we will also provide other work from home opportunities both offline and online.

Getting part-time income is simply like adding feathers to your capital. My Passion Business Solutions are a Government registered company, which offers you an opportunity to earn some excess income from home based online jobs. The main motto of the company is to capture the vision of the consumers and provide them smart pay for the work they do. Extra money. My Passion Business Solutions offer you all that you need to make an extra income. We will not make promises that we can't keep. Take control over your everyday Work-life schedule with our government registered company. Our staff works round the clock, every day, to provide you jobs that are real and totally scam-free.

  • » Here We have tied up with many Real estate, pg’s, interiors, investors, computer& electronics, etc. And besides, we are into Loans and investment.
  • » We do advertisements in different free classifieds like Quikr, old etc..
  • » Those advertisements and list of websites we present it to Freelancers who join with us.


“Most trusted work from home online part time jobs in India”
“No fake, No cheating, no hidden charges, No work targets and timings”
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  • He must be an INDIAN.
  • The person should complete 18 years.
  • The person should have a computer/laptop with good internet connection or they can do from any cyber cafe also.
  • The individual should know basic knowledge of Computer, Internet and MS OFFICE etc.
  • This job is better for who want to work 3-4 hours in a day and for full time its not worth (more than 6-8 hours)
  • This opportunity mainly benefits for college students, House wives, Retired people, Employers and others.
  • We don't give bulk projects to the companies and we can't provide more than two ids for one person.



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  • We don't give any targets to work.
  • No specific timings to work, anywhere and at any time you can execute this work.
  • No work pressure here.
  • We offer guaranteed payments on weekly based through online transfer or cash at the office.
  • Multiple work from home opportunities both online and offline works provided for all registered members.
  • Provides training& support in multiple ways like social media, Email, Telephone and Direct contact etc.
  • Chances to upgrade your plan at any time from lower to higher.



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Here is one example/sample of how to do copy&paste in 1 website, follow the same procedure for all the websites given in the excel sheet.

  • Once you register with us, you will be receiving one excel file with 150-250 free classifieds and one word file (Ad information)
  • Excel file (web links) remains same here and Only the add information (copy & paste) keeps changing. One after one only provided to all.
  • The first two ads with no time limit to complete and 3rd ad onwards 30 days validity applies.
  • Minimum 100 links should be posted on every report with no time limits.
  • Amount per copy&paste /website depends on the package you choose (50 Paisa- Rs 2.50)
  • You need not to worry about Error website/server down websites, if it is you can skip that website and go to next one.
  • Once you have finished the report, you have to login to your mybiz account and submit. Within 24 hours, you will be getting a new ad with an image on your mybiz account only.
  • We don`t pay anything for Error websites and duplicate links.
  • Saturday 6pm - Saturday 6pm reports consider for weekly payments



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  • About Job
  • About Registration
  • Payments

Why do you charge the registration fee for this work from home jobs?

We charge the registration fee for providing you the basic training (online/offline), long time support of this work, maintaining your account, and other service charges.

How genuine this company? What makes you different with other online work from home scam companies.?

Yes, we are 100% genuine and trustworthy, we operate in an advanced business concept, Read here -- Click Here for more details

What is the exact job?

The job is simple copy and paste work. All you necessitate to perform is just copy-paste the text ADS (provided by us) into various free classifieds sites and send that confirmation link to us. The more you post, the more payment you receive. You can work part time during the day or night from your home at your leisure time.

Is there any working hours?

No, you can make any of your convenient time & places.

How much I can earn from this program?

That depends on the packages which you will select for registration. You can earn 50P - Rs. 2.50 for each copy-paste work. You can also earn referral commission for bringing up your friends or others.

Is there any Limit or Target?

No, there is no limit in submitting Ads. You can submit any number of Ads weekly. At the Same time, there is no Target in this task. You can submit as per your ability and there is no compulsion to work daily. You can work on your own Timings. Whatever your submitted ad links till Saturday will consider for next week with payments. If you desire to finish the work temporarily if it is above 2 months or more.. You will have to intimate/inform or send an enquiry form through a mail, if not your membership id gets suspended automatically.

Can I do this work on my smart phone?

Yes! You can do, But you will not feel comfortable with mobile and it's not easy as you do this work in a computer / laptop. Your weekly income also varies from working in smart phone and computer/laptop.

Should I make this business continuously for a long time or can I take a break for 2-3 months temporary due to any of my personal matters?

Yes, you can conduct a break/break from this part time job But You must transmit an inquiry form before checking this work to our specified email id then one inquiry id will be passed on for reference. Without sending the enquiry form to our email, if you discontinue the work, your registration will get deleted.

Do all the websites work fine in the excel sheet you have given? What should I do if any website doesn`t turn?

Yes, we check/verify each and every site before adding into excel sheet. More or less time due to any maintenance or internal server issue if any website doesn’t work, you can skip the website and go to the following site. Every 4 months once, we put back the UN working websites with fresh sites. (NOTE –WE ARE THE OWNERS OF THE WEBSITES WE HAVE GIVEN ON EXCEL SHEET)

Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program?

Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18 Yrs and maximum 50 years. He must be an Indian

What are the basic requirements to get started for this copypastework.com?

To get started you should have the basic knowledge of Internet Surfing, and you should have internet connection, PC or else you can also work from cyber cafe. You should have some basics of MS OFFICES.

Are the Membership fees Refundable or Transferable?

No. Since your registration fees will be utilized for office/online training, Data, service charge and maintaining your account registration fee are strictly non - refundable.

Can I pay the registration fee after I connect or can the fee be deducted from my salary?

No. We don't possess any such offer like.

What about Membership Fee?

That depends on the packages you will select., It starts from Rs.500 and the highest package is Rs.3500/- which is Very Low when comparing to other Job providing Companies. Also, your membership will be Valid for limited TIME.

How soon will I receive payment?

We will get the payments on weekly based, once in a week on every Tuesday/Wednesday. We will transmit the payment through Online Net Transfer (NEFT) or IMPS to Your Bank Account, or you can visit nearest office and collect the cash payment ON specified payment days only.

Can I find out once your previous payments made to registered members?

Yes. You check on following link both the payments done at the office and online (NEFT/IMPS). Click Here



  • Referral commission is applicable after the first payment only.
  • The referral commission amount will be 15% of enrollment fees.
  • * Terms & conditions apply